Review: Nurse Jamie Instant Uplift ★★★★.☆

Nurse Jamie Instant Uplift

I am super excited to receive this beautiful purple face massager because Tati @glamlifeguru raved about it and anything she loves, I love too! The roller has a hexagonal shape is embedded with 24 precious tourmaline stones to temporarily energize, enhance and uplift the skin. This rhythmic rolling action can help to de-puff and assist with congestion, which is a treatment that comes with their signature facials. Firmeen! Here I come!

Nurse Jamie Instant Uplift

Test duration: 1 month
Frequency: 1x/day; 5x/week

I use this over a sheet mask most of the time and sometimes directly onto the skin. Just 45 seconds on each side. It definitely increased the blood circulation in my skin because my face felt tingly like there are ants crawling all over. Don’t fret, this only lasts a minute. After a month, I noticed my cheeks looking plumper and puffy eyes are no longer a daily thing, thanks to the increased blood flow and cool surface temperature of the tool. I foresee this being a preventive measure against certain aging skin issues, like jowls and sagging. Sometimes I even roll it against my shoulders or down my neck to ease muscle tensions.

Treat yourself to one! The beautiful packaging also makes this a great gift! Check out more Nurse Jamie reviews here.

$69 at Dermstore | $110 on Amazon.

Go be beautiful!