Review: YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask ★★★★☆

YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask works to draw out impurities, awaken, and soften the skin. It is formulated with sensitive skin in mind and is 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Turmeric is a superfood high in antioxidants and can reduce blemishes and redness, lighten facial hair, fade scarring, and even out skin tone. In fact, turmeric has been used for centuries in Indian beauty routines—most commonly during weddings. It also contains white kaolin clay, which draws out impurities from the pores, and coconut flour that is high in vitamin C, which is great for tightening skin’s elasticity and preventing sagging. Argan oil contains many essential fatty acids which, along with lavender oil, are great for scar treatment, fading fine lines, and reducing redness. Vanilla oil protects  against sun damage and is a powerful antibacterial that cleanses the skin.

YLLO is a skincare company inspired by a powerful, fragrant, little yellow root known as turmeric. Their mission is to help girls be girls by donating 10% of their profits towards charities helping end child marriage.

$19.95 at YLLO Beauty.

Kaolinite (White Clay) / Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Flour / Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Powder / Argania Spinosa (Argan) Nut Oil / Tocopherol (Vitamin E) / Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil / Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Oil

YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask

I love the simple and eco-friendly packaging! The brown resealable paper bag is practical and easy to store.

Upon opening the packet, I caught a strong earthy scent. The bright yellow turmeric powder wasn’t finely milled, in fact, there were plenty of larger lumps.

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The instructions are conveniently labeled on the packaging. To simplify it even further, please scroll through the pictures above or follow the steps below:

  1. Scoop out 1 tablespoon of mask
  2. Mix with 1.5 teaspoons of your choice of liquid base (water, your favorite toner, diluted apple cider vinegar)
  3. Mix thoroughly with a firm mask brush to completely break down the clumps.
  4. Apply paste onto skin with a brush
  5. Wait for 15 mins
  6. Rinse off
  7. Use a gentle cleanser to remove any yellow stains


Before we get to the review, there are a couple of things I want to clarify:

#1 Following the instructions to the T did not work for me. I mixed the powder with my current favorite toner, COSRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner, for its calming properties. However, adding 1.5 teaspoons of it to 1 tablespoon of mask wasn’t enough to get the mixture to a spreadable paste. Instead, some of the powder remained undissolved and clumpy. So I’ve had to slowly add more toner and mix and repeat the process till I’m happy with the consistency. That took around 5 teaspoons of toner.

#2 My skin stained very badly the first time I used the mask. Cleansing wasn’t able to totally get rid of it. Being the vain-pot that I am, I was out of commission for 2 days. So I’ve had to dilute the mixture the second time round and shorten the waiting time. That worked alot better.

First Try:

YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask
1st try: Before masking

My skin is particularly irritated today. I’ve cleansed my skin and skipped toner.

YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask
1st try: During masking

The mixture spread easily and went on with ease thanks to the firm mask brush. I used up all the mixture and managed to get a thick and even layer, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Upon contact with my skin, it felt cool and provided quick relief to my irritated skin. I waited 15 mins according to the instructions, the mask was dry and my skin felt tight.

YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask
1st try: After masking

Unlike most wash-off masks I’ve tried. The hardened mixture on my face did not soften one bit upon the first splash of water. It took around 5 splashes for it to start emulsifying. There were lots of grainy bits and I took the opportunity to give my skin a gentle exfoliation. Also, during the rinse, I noticed my skin feeling waxy. It wasn’t a thick wax and was almost unnoticeable once I’ve toweled off.

Immediately, I was very surprised to see how stained my skin was. My skin felt soft and smooth and wasn’t as dry as right after a regular cleanse. Pores were also looking smaller and cleaner (it is a clay mask after all). But I was unable to see if there was any redness or brightening or if PIE and PIH have lightened due to the strong yellow stain.

YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask

To prevent drying out my skin, I decided to wipe down with toner-soaked cotton pads to try to get rid of the stain. It took both sides of 3 cotton pads to get the stain to tone down a little. But that was a bad idea because my skin started feeling very raw and irritated from too much rubbing.

YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask
1st try: After wiping down with cotton pads

Even then, my skin still wasn’t as irritated as before since I could finally discern if redness exists. The yellow stain remained on my skin for 2 days. I did follow up with my regular skincare routine for the mask did not provide any hydration.


Second Try:

YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask
2nd try: Before masking

My skin felt slightly dry and looked slightly red with no irritated. Again, I’ve cleansed my skin and skipped toner.

YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask
2nd try: During masking

Compared to the first try, I used half the recommended amount of powder and added alot more toner to it so the mixture was runnier than before. I applied a thin but even layer and only waited 5 mins instead of the recommended 15 mins.

After 5 mins, it started to dry down but I did not experience a tightening sensation like I did at the first try.

YLLO Beauty Turmeric Facial Mask
2nd try: After masking

Like the first time, the mixture on my skin did not emulsify easily but once it did, tiny granules came loose and I gave my skin a gentle exfoliation. Also, my skin felt soft and smooth with smaller pores and redness was gone.

Despite using a diluted amount with a shorter waiting time, my skin was still stained. I cleansed my skin with a gentle cleanser but the stain still looked the same. It persisted for a day.

Here are the before and after pictures from both tries:

First try:

Second try:

Since the effects were the same after both tries, I prefer using less powder with a shorter waiting time to conserve product and also have a shorter down time. The label stated that one packet of mask is able to give 10-15 uses. Based on my preferred usage, I estimated that I could stretch it to 20-30 uses, which gives me more bang for my buck.

A couple of things to look out for:

#1 Use cloths and shirts that you don’t mind staining. This was my first experience with turmeric so I have no inkling of its staining power. That was how I stained my white t-shirt. Had I known, I’d have worn a darker colored shirt or something I don’t mind staining. Also, lay down a rag around the area where you’re going to prepare, apply, and rinse off the mask. Turmeric has the ability to stain counter tops.

#2 Use this mask on a weekend or during the couple of days when you are not planning to head out. Despite the recommended usage frequency of 2-3 times per week, I see myself only using it once a week on weekends when I’m staying in. However, there are people who’ve tried this and never experienced any staining. So please be aware of the possibility of staining and don’t be taken aback like I did.

In conclusion, this mask took me on an adventure and I’ve had this review in draft mode for 2 weeks. I hope I’ve captured all the necessary details of this unique turmeric clay mask. It’s definitely an awesome product and gentle enough for all skin types.

$19.95 at YLLO Beauty.

Go be beautiful!