Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask - Rose

Review: Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask – Rose ★★★★★

Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask is a self-heating dry mask meant for the eye area. It aims to provide relief to:
  • tired eyes
  • eye bags
  • dark circles
  • screen fatigue
  • dry eyes
  • insomnia

The unique thing about this mask is its ability to heat up immediately upon being out of the packet. It gradually heats up to a comfortable 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also able to produce a mild steam to moisten and soothe the eye area.

From the KAO website:

How is the steam produced?
Steam Eye Mask is lined with a heat-generating pad containing iron powder and moisture. Once the pack is opened, the heat-generating pad comes into contact with oxygen in the air; oxidizing the iron powder and produces heat. Steam is produced when the moisture is being evaporated by the heat.

So much science involved! As if that wasn’t already impressive enough, here are more features:

  • Well designed all-rounded mask gently wraps the eyes
  • Ultra-thin material conforms to eye contours
  • Ear loops prevent slipping and cater to usage in any position
  • Warms up immediately upon opening of pouch; convenient to use anywhere
  • Disposable mask makes it convenient and hygienic


KAO MegRhythm is available in 5 different scents with different functions. They are:
  • Unscented – De-stress, relaxes and brightens up tired eyes
  • Lavender-Sage – Calms and relaxes the senses
  • Fresh Rose – Soothes and brightens mood
  • Yuzu – Refreshes and calms the senses
  • Chamomile-Ginger – Reduces and relieves stress

$10.44 for a box of 7 on Amazon. | $2.39 each at Juniperry.

Outer sheet: Polypropylene, Polyethylene. Heat cell: Iron powder.

I might be the last person on the planet to try out this eye mask. My friends raved about this and so have everyone else on the internet. I have a bad addiction to screens. From the moment I open my eyes, it’s phone to PC to TV till I close my eyes again at bedtime. I know it’s bad but it’s so hard to turn away from entertainment and information. It’s a bad habit I really need to, not kick, but tone down. I am also a contact lens wearer from dawn till dusk. I am so blind I can’t survive without some kind of visual aid. Meanwhile, I depend on eye masks and eye massages to provide temporary relief to my eyes. Each time, I feel slightly more rejuvenated with a clearer vision, literally That made me super excited to try it out!


  1. Remove eye mask from pouch
  2. Tear along perforation to release ear straps
  3. Place white-colored side of mask on eyes with notched edge facing down
  4. Place ear straps around ears
  5. Relax for 10 mins


  • Do not use with other eye masks.
  • If eye drop is applied, please wait for a few minutes before using eye mask.
  • Eye mask may cause smudging or removal of makeup.
  • Do not reuse the eye mask after it has cooled down.
  • Keep eyes closed and do not press the mask against the eyes during application.
  • When the skin is warmed up, temporary redness and itching are normal. If you are in a cold room, you may feel less of the warmth from the eye mask.
  • Stop using the eye mask immediately if you experience extreme warmth, pain or unusual discomfort.

Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask - Rose

A box of KAO Megrhythm eye masks contains enough for 5-7 uses. Some boxes come with 5 eye masks while others come with 7. The eye masks are individually packed in a pink tin foil packaging that’s super light, small, and thin enough to carry anywhere.

Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask - Rose

Out of the packet, I immediately caught a strong powdered rose scent. I was very amused to find that the mask had started to warm up immediately. No activation required.

The eye mask comes out of the packet looking and feeling like a pantyliner. I’m wondering if that’s a deterrent to the male population from using it.

Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask - Rose
This side faces out
Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask - Rose
This side faces in

Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask - Rose

The cotton fabric felt soft and smooth.

Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask - Rose

The eye mask fitted very well on me, even the notches for the nose. It covered all the way from above my eye brows right to my cheeks. It was completely dark in there and I couldn’t see a thing even if I had my eyes opened. Here’s another feature that should be added to the list: blindfold.

The scent was overwhelming at first but gradually died down when I had the mask on. The amount of warmth was just nice. It did not get so hot that I wanted to rip this off but it was warm enough to give some comfort and hugs to my overworked eyeballs.

Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask - Rose

The ear straps were very soft, and long enough to not cause any strain to my ears, nor was it falling off. I was forced to take a break from staring at screens by closing my eyes, relaxing, and contemplating for 10 mins before heading back to my PC. The moisture emanating from this eye mask was also just right. I did not feel any obvious wetness but it definitely wasn’t completely dry either.

After 10 mins, my eyes no longer felt dry, droopy, and swollen. Apart from the slight reduction in swelling, there wasn’t much of a change visually. However, my eyes felt awake and no longer heavy. I was ready to face the world again!

This eye mask is innovative, widely available, and very affordable. I can’t wait to try out more scents and under different situations like before bedtime, on the plane, and the rare times when insomnia strikes. I love it and urge you to get your hands on one if you haven’t tried!

$10.44 for a box of 7 on Amazon. | $2.39 each at Juniperry.

Go be beautiful!