M2 Zipper Mask Pack

Review: M2 Zipper Mask Pack ★★★★.☆

The M2 Zipper Mask Pack contains two sheets in one pack for convenience and resource efficiency. It aims to hydrate, soothe, and nourish skin with ingredients like allantoin, witch hazel extract, hyaluronic acid, and adenosine. These ingredients are present in 46 ml of essence, double the amount of single-use sheet masks.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Allantoin – skin soothing, wound healing, anti-inflammatory effect
  • Witch Hazel Extract – provides pore care and purifying effect
  • Hyaluronic Acid – deeply hydrates skin and maintains skin moisture levels
  • Adenosine – anti-wrinkle

This multi-mask-in-a-resealable-pouch idea isn’t new. Lululun came up with the 7-Days mask a few years ago but I found using the same mask consecutively for a week too daunting a task. This, on the other hand, comes with only 2 pieces per pack so that makes it more manageable.

$19 for a box of 5 packs on Amazon.

M2 Zipper Mask Pack
Before masking

My skin is feeling normal to oily as the days get hotter. My skin is also looking a little more flushed than usual. I’ve cleansed and toned my skin. Find out how I normally prep my skin for masking.

M2 Zipper Mask Pack

The mask pouch was easy to open, just rip off the top strip and unseal the lock. Out of the packet, I caught a “water” smell that reminded me of diaper rash creams. Essence was clear and had a viscous gel consistency, but not quite as thick as jelly. There was indeed an abundance of essence in the packet.

M2 Zipper Mask Pack

The cupra material looked like a bandage gauze and felt very soft, smooth, and plush. It had a medium thinness and did not come with a backing. I hit a little snag when I tried to only pull 1 sheet out of the packet. Both sheets, albeit individually folded, came out of the packet due to the viscous essence holding them together. The sheets was very juicy but were not dripping everywhere.

M2 Zipper Mask Pack
During masking

Fit was great! The sheet was so large that even my ears were able to get some masking TLC. The holes were of the right size and I was most happy about how thin the material on the philtrum was. It was usually quite a large piece of material which ended up covering my top lip. It was easy to adjust for fit due to how soft the material was.

Adherence was great! Fold lines stayed down for the most part and I did not notice any re-introduction of air bubbles throughout the wear.

After 30 mins, the mask was still damp but felt 50% drier than the beginning. At this point, the sheet clung onto my skin even tighter.

M2 Zipper Mask Pack
After masking

The remaining essence took some patting and massaging to absorb. Finish was initially very tacky but dried down to a velvety-feel after 15 mins. Skin looked silky smooth.

Hydration was great but the moisturization was intense. There was a light layer of hydrating film over my skin. This made it very suitable for dry skin. My combo skin felt balanced and could get away without a moisturizer. Oily skin should only use this at night. I’d used this again and layered on my essence and serum underneath as this had a moisturizer effect.

The greatest improvement I saw was to my skin texture. Fine lines disappeared and pores looked smaller, giving way to a smooth texture and an almost “glass skin” effect. Skin tone looked moderately even with lesser redness too.

Below is a side by side comparison of the before and after pictures.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting this mask to wow me, but it did! I was super amazed at how my skin looked post-masking, I even went out without any base makeup. Considering you get 2 uses out of a pack that costs $3.80, the results are worth well beyond $1.90 per mask. Highly recommended and will repurchase!

$19 for a box of 5 packs on Amazon.

Go be beautiful!