By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% Enhancing Sheet Mask

Review: By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% Enhancing Sheet Mask ★★★★☆

By Wishtrend Natural 21.5% Enhancing Mask aims to hydrate and calm the skin. Made with 21.5% vitamin serum, it maximizes the results of whitening, moisturizing, calming, and anti-aging.

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • The all-natural vitamin C in this mask is extracted from 11% Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn). It promotes skin hydration, elasticity, and skin regeneration, and even helps treat and prevent acne.
  • Baby leafs of the 10.5% Bosung Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) have high concentrations of catechin and vitamin E within the polyphenol constituents, effectively aiding in the calming, hydrating, and nourishing of the skin to rejuvenate and restore healthy, beautiful skin.

The natural, soothing formula is free of irritants and only contains 12 ingredients, making it safe for all skin types especially sensitive skin.

$2.50/sheet at Wishtrend | $4.90 at Yesstyle.
$29/10 sheets at Amazon.

Water, Butylene Glycol, Hippophae Rhamnoides Water, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Betaine, 1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Allantoin, Panthenol, Ethylhexylglycerin

By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% Enhancing Sheet Mask
Before masking

My skin is feeling normal to oily, sebum production wise. It’s sporting some redness but that’s normal since I have sensitive skin. I’ve cleansed and toned my skin. Find out how I normally prep my skin for masking.

By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% Enhancing Sheet Mask

Out of the packet, I caught a moderately strong fragrance. Based on my experience with Vitamin C serums, I was expecting the essence to either have a faint yellow tinge or smell like iron. Instead, the essence just looked and felt like any other sheet mask essence, clear with a runny gel consistency. According to the brand, the natural vitamins in this mask are specially treated to not oxidize. Also, since the Vitamin C did not come from Ascorbic Acid, this sheet mask doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

The material felt stiff and thick and did not come with a backing. It was wet and drenched with essence when I pulled it out of the packet.

By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% Enhancing Sheet Mask
During masking

Fit was good. Due to the stiffness of the mask, it was slightly challenging to manipulate the sheet for the perfect fit. Nevertheless, it was decently-sized and had holes in the right positions and sizes.

Adherence was alright. Again, due to the stiffness of the material, fold lines refused to stay flat and in turn introduced more air bubbles underneath the sheet. Material was also hanging loose from my chin.

The sheet proved to not be able to hold essence very well. I normally sheet mask while sitting upright without drips but this one made a few drips on my shirt. By the end of 35 mins, the material around my forehead was bone dry but the material around my chin was drippy.

By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% Enhancing Sheet Mask

By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% Enhancing Sheet Mask
After masking

The leftover essence took some time and effort to massage into my skin. Finish was dewy and greasy. It did gradually dry down to a more comfortable finish.

My skin felt intensely hydrated and moisturized. On my combo skin, it felt more suitable for a cold night. Oily skin can still use it but will have to wipe down the excess with a toner-soaked cotton pad. Dry skin will really like how moisturizing this is.

The greatest improvement I saw was to the smoothness of my skin texture. As it replenished the water that my dehydration-prone combo skin craves, my skin felt plump and supple. As such, pores looked smaller in size too.

Visually, there was a tremendous improvement to my redness. My skin also looked more radiant but that was more of a reflective factor from the dewy finish. My skin looked very healthy and even-toned. PIH has also seemed to have toned down a notch.

Below is a side by side comparison of the before and after pictures.

For someone who’s unable to tolerate Ascorbic Acid, I’m glad to have found a natural and affordable replacement. Check out more By Wishtrend reviews here.

$2.50/sheet at Wishtrend | $4.90 at Yesstyle.
$29/10 sheets at Amazon.

Go be beautiful!