After Masking

Review: Bon Vivant That Day Mask Pack (Blemish Care) ★★★☆☆

I’ve never tried a mask from Bon Vivant before so I’m super intrigued. This came in an Ipsy Maskerade set which is now sold out. But Amazon carries a 10-pack for $36.80. Bon Vivant That Day Mask Pack (Blemish Care) claims to be “infused with 70% Witch Hazel and a unique jelly essence that specifically battles period-related skin issues: blemishes, dull tones, and dryness.” It is designed to stop blemishes before they even occur or to combat existing blemishes. This series is targeted at hormonal skin. You can read more about it here. This post contains an affiliate link.

I’ve been experiencing blemish prone skin lately, I’m guessing it’s due to a stressful past week. The husband’s sisters came down for a short visit and we’ve been rushing about, trying to bring them to as man places as we can within a short time. Hence, it’s less sleep, less time for skincare and foregoing masking. This is the result:

Bon Vivant That Day Mask Pack (Blemish Care)
Before Masking

I have tiny bumps on my forehead and cheeks area, large pores next to my nose and on my chin and well as redness overall. Read about how I prep my skin for masking here.

Mask material

The sheet mask is made of pretty thick material, despite being so see through in the picture above. It wasn’t dripping with essence when I pulled it out of the bag. There is also little to no fragrance. The essence felt like a watery gel, which they described as jelly.

During Masking

I had to cut slits around the nose and temple areas so it would fit snugly. Also notice that the mustache area is a little too long for me, I eventually cut a slit in the middle and flipped both wings outwards because it tasted really bad. 3 minutes in, there was a slight burning sensation, I suspect it’s due to the 70% witch hazel in the essence. It also felt super nourishing and rich, too much in fact. But I decided to ride it out anyway. They recommended leaving this on for 10-20 minutes but I think it’s rather wasteful so I left it on for about 30 minutes, when most of the jelly essence has been absorbed.

Watching Bubz while masking
After Masking

Immediately I can tell that my skin looks brighter, less red and felt more moisturized. The blemish spots are still visible but they are no longer tender to the touch. My pore size also seem to have been reduced. Here is a side by side of the before and after for comparison.

I would totally walk out of the house without makeup! I wouldn’t necessarily re-purchase this because there are other blemish-targeted masks out there that are better in terms of containing less witch hazel and feels lighter on oilier skins. But all in all I’m a happy camper!

Go be beautiful!