5 Masks I Dislike

I love trying out masks and sometimes I do find ones that don’t work for me. I did not include any links to purchase them because, I encourage you not to purchase them. Below is a list:

Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack

These came in the August 2016 Mask Maven and I was pretty confident about them at first. But upon tearing them open and feeling the material in my fingers, I knew I would hate them and boy I was right. The material is made of very thick scratchy cotton. It was hard to make them adhere to my skin and it dried out really quickly. The essence also did absolutely nothing for my skin.

Coni Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Ultra Hydration Black Facial Mask

Coni Beauty’s gel mask in a jar is amazing, but just not this one. Although it is made of super thin and light material that hugs every contour of my face, the essence itself was highly fragranced and too nourishing. So nourishing that it burns. Granted it did hydrate my skin pretty well but I don’t see why I have to suffer through the burning sensation to get hydration.

Tsaio Deep Moisturizing Mask

Tsaio Deep Moisturizing Mask
Tsaio Deep Moisturizing Mask (image credit: Beauteque)

I use Tsaio’s masks most of the time, they are reasonably priced and super effective. But this one, erm no thank you. Like Coni Beauty’s sheet mask above, this is high fragranced and was too nourishing. It did not give me a burning sensation but my skin felt like it was about to break out from being overfed.

Baviphat Urban Dollkiss Brightening Mask – Mango

Baviphat Urban Dollkiss Brightening Mask - Mango
Baviphat Urban Dollkiss Brightening Mask – Mango

I received this from one of Beauteque’s BB Bag. This is a gel-to-bubble mask that’s supposed to brighten my skin. Aside from the delicious mango scent, cute packaging and the fun of watching it bubble, I found this hard very hard to wash off and did not do anything for my skin. I had to splash my face almost 20 times to get it off. Brightening doesn’t have to take up this much time and energy.

Printed masks

When these were first release I was bursting to get my hands on it due to the cute factor. They come in animal prints, festive prints and even masquerade masks. These work okay, nothing special, but hell were they fun. However, one huge downside is the ink. We place these sheets on our faces for a period of time, who’s to say bits of the ink will not get absorbed by the skin too? Sometimes you can even smell the ink! So to be safe than sorry, my skin is super important to me. I avoid these at all costs.

Disclaimer: Just because I don’t like a mask from a brand does not mean I dislike everything from that brand. Some brands make great stuff overall and just has one rotten apple.