Soo Ae Hanbang Green Tea Collagen Mask

Review: Soo Ae Hanbang Green Tea Collagen Mask ★★★★★

My skin is in serious need of hydration and uplift this week. Since green tea is known for being an antioxidant ingredient, so I decided to test out the Soo Ae Hanbang Green Tea Collagen Mask from the Ipsy Maskerade set. This mask is made from oriental herbs and claims to give hydration, improve skin texture and anti-aging effects. You can read more about it here. A 5-pack is available on Amazon for $20.
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Due to the lack of hydration, my skin texture has been really rough despite having exfoliated before masking. Read about how I prep my skin for masking here.

Soo Ae Hanbang Green Tea Collagen Mask
Before masking

My skin is dry, dull and lifeless, with some post-acne red marks.

Soo Ae Hanbang Green Tea Collagen Mask

This mask is made of a medium thick cotton material. It wasn’t dripping with essence when I took it out of the bag and seem to be grabbing onto a huge amount of essence pretty well. The essence is also a medium thick consistency, it will drip if there is too much but overall it’s holding on pretty well. There is also a strong scent to it which seems to linger the entire time I had it on.

Soo Ae Hanbang Green Tea Collagen Mask
During masking

It’s adhereing to the skin pretty well. As usual, depending on the fit, I’ll always cut some slits on the sides to get this snug fit where it looks like I do not have any mask on at all. For this, I had to cut slits on the temples, sides of nose and below the chin.

5 minutes in, the mask started to feel too nourishing for my skin, there is a very slight stinging sensation. I decided to wait it out anyway. The sensation went away after 10 minutes.

Soo Ae Hanbang Green Tea Collagen Mask
After masking

I had this on for about 35 minutes. Upo removing the sheet mask, there is still a pretty good amount of essence left on my skin. I massaged it in and the strong scent went away pretty quickly. My skin felt very deeply hydrated and supple, like I’ve been drinking lots of water. There is a slight glow to my skin and the apples of my cheeks seem to have been lifted! Here is a side by side of the before and after for comparison.

The stretchy feeling from having dry skin is completely gone. I am left with a soft sticky texture on my skin. I’m not complaining but it might not be a good idea to put on make up at this point due to the stickiness. I skipped moisturizer and just added an eye cream, there is no need for additional hydration. My skin felt very soft thoughout the day albeit the stickiness remains. This does little qurk does not prevent me from repurchasing this mask though. It literally saved my skin! I’m in love with it!
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