Pony Effect Luminous Boosting Mask Pack

Review: Pony Effect Luminous Boosting Mask Pack ★★★★☆

Hello friends! My skin is feeling pretty good today I thought I’ll give a brightening mask a try. The moment I opened my mask drawer I see this beautiful rose gold packaging staring back at me, how can I resist? Plus I’m a huge fan of Pony’s videos so I’m really excited to review this!

This came in the Ipsy Maskerade set and is currently sold on Memebox for $27.50 for a box of 10. It claims to prep your skin to its best condition prior to makeup by evening out uneven texture, brighten up uneven skin tone, and nourish all at once. This bamboo fiber mask sheet is soaked in essence that contains lotus flower water (evens out skin texture), vitamin C (brightening), and lavender, lemon balm, oregano, geranium tea tree, eucalyptus mint and peppermint for treating the skin.

Pony Effect Luminous Boosting Mask Pack
Before masking

The usual before masking mugshot clearly shows my uneven skin tone especially around the forehead and upper lip area. I blame the summer sun. Other than that my skin is feeling pretty balanced. As usual, I’ve already prepped my skin before masking.


This bamboo fiber mask felt like a cross between a cotton mask and a gel mask, very silky. It was drenched in essence and had a light fresh fragrance. It came with a white plastic backing.

Pony Effect Luminous Boosting Mask Pack
During masking

When it comes to sheet mask, 98% of the time I had to cut my own slits for a better fit. But to my surprise, this mask fits my facial contours perfectly without needing to cut any slits! It is super soft and adjustable.

The instructions said to remove it after 20 minutes but the mask still felt very wet, I thought it’ll be a waste to remove it now and I waited another 25 minutes. I had it on for a total of 45 minutes and the forehead area was starting to look opaque.

Pony Effect Luminous Boosting Mask Pack
After masking

I massaged the remaining essence and did not need to top off with a moisturizer. My skin felt gloriously hydrated and smooth, I couldn’t stop touching it. The darkness around my upper lip and forehead is also lightened. My skin is also sporting a subtle glow. Here is a side by side of the before and after pictures for comparison.

The improvement is noticeable in just one use! I’m impressed! My skin is definitely ready for makeup. For the price, I say it’s worth getting to achieve such beautiful skin.

Go be beautiful!