Tosowoong Aqua Tok Tok CO2 Fresh Mask

Review: Tosowoong Aqua Tok Tok CO2 Fresh Mask ★★☆☆☆

Hello friends! This has been in my masks drawer for awhile now because I’m just a little nervous to use it. My skin is mildly sensitive and this looks like a potential physical trauma.

The Tosowoong Aqua Tok Tok CO2 Fresh Mask is one of those 2-step carbonated mask but the only difference is that the chemical interactions between steps 1 and 2 will produce carbon dioxide on the surface on your skin, forcing the skin to feel suffocated and in turn, producing oxygen which helps to increase the production of collagen and removal of melanin. Yeah, it’s pretty science-y. This claims to whiten, minimize pores and hydrate. You can get it off Memebox for $3 each or $15.12 for a 5-pack on Amazon.
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As usual, here is my before mugshot. I’ve prepped my skin to give this mask it’s best shot.

Step 1 contains a generous amount of sticky gel which has Niacinamide (whitening), Witch Hazel extract (anti-bacterial), peppermint leaf (minimize pores), propolis extract (antioxidant) and German chamomile (anti-inflammatory). Instructions said massage CO2 Aqua Gel into the skin for 1 to 2 minutes.


As mentioned before, there was a generous amount of gel in the packet and formed a really thick layer on my face. It felt very moisturizing and luxurious though I felt like I’ve been slobbered on.

Step 2 consists of 2 pieces of stiff dry paper masks, which had a thin papery back which needed to be peeled off. The peeling action caused a massive powdery (sodium bicarbonate) fallout.


Unfortunately, I did not get to see the entire carbonated masking process through. Upon placing both pieces of masks on my face, which fit very badly, my skin started to sting and burn within 10 seconds from the chemical reaction. It was pretty traumatic, I thought my skin was burning off! The sensation was supposed to go away after a few minutes but I do not think I am able to endure it through, my skin is more sensitive than I thought. I rinsed everything off with cold water and my skin eventually calmed down.

Verdict: DO NOT GET THIS IF YOUR SKIN IS EVEN SLIGHTLY SENSITIVE. For the hassle, discomfort and bad fit, I do not think it is worth it. There are better and gentler masks out there that gives the same effect without having to go through 2 steps. I do not recommend.

Go be beautiful!



  • Azelf

    I just tried this and I couldn’t bare it either!! It actually made my skin drier afterward bc washing off the gel stripped my skin of moisture 🙁 I wish I read your review earlier!

    p.s. youre soo pretty! im so so jealous of ur skin