Soo Ae Deep Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask

Review: Soo Ae Deep Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask ★★★★★

I thank heavens for the day I discovered Soo Ae masks, for they have been nothing short of amazing to me! The Soo Ae Hanbang Green Tea Collagen Mask made it in my HG list.

This Soo Ae Deep Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask is made using the highest grade of Tencel sheets infused with hydrolyzed collagen. Rich in nutrients and minerals sourced from the sea, this mask seeks to promote clear and beautiful skin while providing excellent hydration benefits. It claims to be great for anti-aging, deep hydration, moisturizing, fine line reduction and skin texture improvement. I got mine off Target at $15 for a box of 5. It is definitely one of the pricier masks at $3 a piece.

Soo Ae Deep Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask
Before masking

My skin has been healing pretty well, but the medication and my inability to use my 1000 steps of skincare routine has left my skin feeling slightly dehydrated and dull. Here, I’ve cleansed and toned my facing, skipping exfoliation as I do not want to aggravate my skin. Find out how I usually prep my skin for masking.

Soo Ae Deep Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask

Upon tearing open the packet, I detected a soapy scent from the clear and watery essence. The material is pretty unique. It is made of textured, stretchy, medium-thick cotton, feels soapy and has a very pretty lace-like pattern. It unfolds very easily.

Soo Ae Deep Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask
During masking

I’m not a fan of the fit because I had to make a few incisions and yet my upper lip kept getting covered by the mask, but I don’t think it’s a huge deal. Aside from the edges getting detached, it did adhere to my face during the entire masking process. I had this on for about 40 minutes and there was zero stinging or irritation.

Soo Ae Deep Sea Water Collagen Essence Mask
After masking

The results are AMAZING! While patting the remaining essence into my skin, I noticed that my skin feels intensely hydrated, soft and plump. Since it did not leave my skin tacky, I went out to run a few errands and was expecting my skin to feel stretchy at the end of the day but to my surprise, it held up against the bitter cold wind very well! Here is a side by side comparison of the before and after pictures.

From the comparison above, it is obvious that my redness has been reduced and pores are also smaller. For the price and the effect, I highly recommend it to everyone. While it is not on the cheap side, the results are incredible and worth every penny.

Go be beautiful!