IPKN Wrinkle Care Snail 8 Mask

Review: IPKN Wrinkle Care Snail 8 Mask ★☆☆☆☆

I was so excited to this a 5-pack of this stuff going for $5.99 at Marshalls! I had high hopes for this because IPKN makes great make up products! But I’ve never heard anything about their sheet masks so I’m looking forward to slap it on.

This is the IPKN Wrinkle Care Snail 8 Mask and it contains snail mucin, ginseng and tomato. Warning: This contains parabens. It claims to smooth smile lines, firm skin and kees the skin moist and healthy. Amazon has this for $12. This post contains an affiliate link.

IPKN Wrinkle Care Snail 8 Mask
Before masking

I’ve always had an issue with my laugh lines, they make me look so much older than I really am. Hopefully this mask is a solution for this. Meanwhile, this mugshot shows my skin being a little blotchy and dry. I’ve cleansed and toned my skin, skipping exfoliation to let me skin continue to recover from contact dermatitis.

IPKN Wrinkle Care Snail 8 Mask

Out of the packet, the medium-thick, soft material has a pretty pattern embossed on it, exactly like Soo Ae Deep Sea Water Collagen Essence mask. It feels slimey and soaked in clear essence. I’m assuming the sliminess is due the snail mucin. There is a strong ginseng smell, which I find very cosy. It reminds of my ginseng candy from Korea. The scent is undetectable while it is on.

IPKN Wrinkle Care Snail 8 Mask
During masking

It was really easy to unfold but really tough to get the air bubbles out once it is on my face. The fit is great, eye holes, nose hole and mouth hole are in the correct positions for me. However, this mask just refuses to adhere to my skin. The edges are constantly try to detach itself. I had this on for only 25 minutes because it is starting to dry out and also detaching more. Only the middle part of my face is still touching the mask, the outer parts are just hanging loose flaps. This also slightly tingled during the entire masking process.

IPKN Wrinkle Care Snail 8 Mask
After masking

There is no essence left on my face, but it feels hydrated. I added a moisturizer because the hydration wasn’t sufficient for me in this cold weather. Below is a side by side comparison of the before and after pictures.

Aside from some hydration, I did not notice any visible changes to my skin in real life. Any changes you see in the comparison above is due to the difference in lighting. My redness and laugh lines are still the same as before. About 2 hours in, my skin started to dry out and feel stretchy again. I was also afraid that the parabens might irritate my skin hence I washed it off and followed up with a trusty mask. I do not recommend this and will not repurchase, however cheap it might be.

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