Review: Bano It’s Real Whitening Advanced Whitening Effect Day & Night Cream ★★★☆☆

Bano It's Real Whitening Cream
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This is a nifty bottle that comes with both day and night creams, saves space and is great for travelling. I enjoyed pushing the buttons and watch the product ooze out of the sealed holes 😬 Much high-tech, so wow.

$55.90 at Amazon

Bano It's Real Whitening Cream

Both creams gave off a nice floral scent, are easily spreadable and felt very light on the skin. Great for summer! Both contain my favorite ingredients; niacinamide (7th) and snail secretion filtrate (middle of ingredient list). But they also contain fatty alcohol, a potentially sensitizing ingredient, towards the bottom of the list.

Bano It's Real Whitening Cream

🌞 Day Cream 30ml

This is a white opaque cream that gives an immediate whitening effect, which may resemble a sunblock. But there is no SPF so make sure you still wear sunblock. A little goes a long way. Once patted in, it leaves behind a silky, non-tacky finish. Dry skin peeps might need to add a hydrating essence or serum before using it.

🌃 Night Cream 30ml

This cream has a gel-like texture and contains hyaluronic acid (15th), that makes it more hydrating than the day cream. After patting it in there is a slippery feel and dries down just slightly tacky. Not uncomfortable at all.

Bano It's Real Whitening Cream

Bano It's Real Whitening Cream

It’s been 1.5 weeks and I haven’t seen any whitening action. But I believe in long-term usage of skincare products for better effectiveness.

$55.90 at Amazon

Go be beautiful!



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