Olivarrier Fluid Oil

Review: Olivarrier Fluid Oil ★★★☆☆


Claims: Increase moisture level of skin

Notable ingredients: Olive-derived squalane, free of preservatives and chemicals.

Texture: Colorless runny oil. Absorbs fast leaving behind a non-greasy finish. .
Scent: None, no matter how close I stick my nose up against it.

Performance: I use this as an occlusive, in both my AM and PM routines. It’s been 5 days and using it directly after toners and serums felt a little too rich and stifling on my combo sensitive skin. Mixing a drop of this with a lotion and applying it only on my drier parts (cheeks) felt more comfortable. Using it both ways only gave me a quick boost of hydration for a couple of hours, nothing long-lasting. I prefer this on my body as it sinks in fast and does not get on my clothes. Other than hydration, I don’t notice any other effects after using this.

Packaging: Elegant glass bottle with a dropper. Great for controlling how much to use and ease of getting the same amount each time. However, I did break the cap after screwing it on too tightly. In my defense, I did not insert gargantuan strength.

Conclusion: Unfortunately the average performance on my skin doesn’t justify repurchasing at this price point.

$33 at Roseroseshop.

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