Annie's Way France Rose Moisturizing Silk Mask

Review: Annie’s Way France Rose Moisturizing Silk Mask ★★★★★

Annie’s Way silk masks are probably my most hoarded masks. They are so freaking amazing, I can’t bear to use them! It took me alot of courage to tear this open. Good thing they are affordable and easily accessible.

This mask claims to moisturize, brighten, and improve overall skin health. I love how short the ingredients list is. Notable ingredients: hyaluronic acid, rose extract, oat beta-glucan extract, and peony root extract. It does not contain alcohol, flavor agents, antibiotics, paraben, and steroids.

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Dist Water, Carbopol 980. Hyaluronic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Rose Extract, Oat Beta-Glucan Extract, Peony Root Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate, D-panthenol, Methylisothiazolinone, Iodopropynl, Butylcarbamate.

Annie's Way France Rose Moisturizing Silk Mask
Before masking

My skin is a slightly irritated and dry today. I’ve cleansed, toned, and exfoliated my skin. Find out how I normally prep my skin for masking.

Annie's Way France Rose Moisturizing Silk Mask

Out of the packet, this gave off the prettiest rose scent. Essence was clear and runny. The silk mask felt extremely soft and thin. Good thing it came with a plastic backing, application was a little less challenging with it.

The benefits of silk masks are a plenty:

  • transparent and adhesive, they have good elasticity and adherence
  • gentle and delicate on the skin, the ultra light material clings to the skin without stressing it
  • optimal water retention, continually releases the essence into deep layers of the skin
  • tear-resistant, yet soft and light
  • biodegradable
Annie's Way France Rose Moisturizing Silk Mask
During masking

Due to the softness of the material, it was very easy to get a great fit. Adherence was also amazing. I had this on for 30 mins, during which I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scent and the plush feeling of the mask. What a treat for the senses!

Annie's Way France Rose Moisturizing Silk Mask

Annie's Way France Rose Moisturizing Silk Mask
After masking

There were lots of essence left on my skin. It absorbed/evaporated after a few quick pats. Skin felt moderately hydrated but looked absolutely flawless. Pores, redness, and dullness were completely gone. I needed a layer of moisturizer for added hydration but it was no biggie.

Below is a side by side comparison of the before and after pictures.

This variant is probably one of the more hydrating ones compared to the rest. Highly highly recommend this for all skin types! Check out more Annie’s Way reviews here.

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Go be beautiful!