I'm From Mugwort Sheet Mask

Review: I’m From Mugwort Sheet Mask ★★★★★

I’m From Mugwort Sheet Mask is a hydrating sheet mask that contains 91.45% pure Mugwort extract to not only moisturize and nourish the skin, but also soothe and calm the skin for a healthy, radiant complexion.

Thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, mugwort targets dry, irritated skin effectively. Mugwort can also relieve redness on skin. The herb also has smoothing, protective powers fit for mature skin.

Furthermore, unlike conventional sheet masks, the Mugwort Sheet Mask is created from a 100% plant-based sheet, which stays breathable on the skin, reduces chances of irritation, and adheres well to the curves and crevices of the face with it’s super slim sheet. 

$3.60 at Wishtrend.

Artemisia Princeps Extract, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Methlypropanediol, Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, 1,2 Hexanediol, Capryly Glycol, Allantoin, Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Usnea Barbata (Lichen) Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Panthenol, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Carbomer, Arginine

My skin is extra sensitive and red today. Sebum-wise, it’s feeling like normal skin with the usual slight dehydration. I’ve cleansed and toned my skin. Find out how I normally prep my skin for masking.

Out of the packet, I caught a faint herbal scent. It was a lighter version of the wash-off mask from the same range. The essence had a light brown tinge with a runny-gel consistency, much like the standalone essence from the same range.

The sheet mask material felt very soft and thin, almost silk-like. There was half a perforated plastic backing in between the folded mask which I thought was a really cool way to save resources.

Fit and adherence were great! The sheet was large enough to cover my entire face with some excess on the sides. The holes were also of the right size and properly positioned. Due to the thinness and softness of the material, the sheet mask clung on like second skin. 

I took the mask off after 30 mins, there were small dry patches around drier areas like my forehead.

There was a thin layer of essence left on my skin. Just some light patting and the essence was completely absorbed. Finish was non-tacky and non-dewy.

My skin felt properly hydrated and moisturized. It was the perfect amounts on my dehydration-prone combo skin. I was able to layer on a gel moisturizer and sun screen without feeling like my face was able to melt off. As such, I think this is suitable for all skin types.

There was definitely alot of plumping and calming action going on. My redness was gone and my skin felt chok chok full of water. Fine lines were plumped and pores looked smaller. Some of my ice pick scars also looked less obvious. My skin also felt very soft and smooth.

My skin looked slightly brighter and more radiant. I noticed pigmentation looking less obvious. But it was only a temporary effect and they did slowly creep back as the day went by.

Below is a side by side comparison of the before and after pictures.

I love love love this mask! I had no idea my skin could look this good without make up. It gave my skin a new lease on life. Plus, it is very affordable and even more so when bought in bulk. I strongly urge everyone to give this a try! Check out more I’m From reviews here.

$3.60 at Wishtrend.

Go be beautiful!