Hello there. I’ve been a long time addict of masking, sheet masks, peel off masks, wash off masks…basically anything that I can leave on my face and then remove to get immediate results. After such a long time of using masks, I noticed that there isn’t really a platform dedicated to this miracle skin care routine that saved my skin (more of this later) and time. So, as a community service, and also to keep track of my usage, I’ve decided to take the plunge and record my masking journey. I hope you find this a useful resource for your masking needs as well as a platform for befriending like-minded peeps.

Story time: I’ve been a victim of cystic acne since 18, I’m now 28. I have combo skin that slightly sensitive. My skin feels dry and stretchy immediately after washing and oily 30 minutes later. Very unfortunate I know. Having itchy fingers, I picked at my acne and this left hyperpigmention AND pitted scars. However, masking has helped me to balance my skin by returning moisture back into the deep dermis layers. When the skin is sufficiently hydrated, it will start repairing itself. Masking has also helped lighten my acne scars and although my skin still gets oily, at least it has a glow-from-within look, not oily with wrinkles (yuck). My skin has improved by leaps and bounds!

My skin is still not perfect but at least I am confident enough to step out of the house without make up or take a barefaced selfie now! These used to incite so much fear! I also no longer spend an exorbitant amount of money trying out skincare that just made my skin worse and my bank account sadder. I’m delighted by the positive change in my skin, I finally feel comfortable.

So dear friends, please get on this miracle skincare routine. It is much cheaper and more effective than anything out there. I am by no means and expert but I will be as detailed as a I can in my findings. Skincare will always be a work-in-progress and and let’s have fun doing it! Happy masking!

With Love,


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