Benefits of Masking

Masking is quickly becoming a huge trend and I hope it is here to stay due to the multi-benefits this easy skincare step provides. These are the reasons why I love masking so much:


Immediate effects

Unlike using moisturizers and serums, masking actually produces an instant visible difference, depending on the type of mask.



Spa day at home
There’s no need to actually go to a spa and sign up for a package that cost an arm and a leg. Get some masks and pamper yourself at home! While masking, I love watching beauty videos on Youtube and having a cuppa hot tea.


Time saving
In just 15 – 30 mins, skin is transformed from the Mojave Desert to a lush tundra. Just slap it on and peel it off!



Not just for home use, masking can be done anywhere. Masks have become my airplane staple to combat the dry recycled air that sucks the life out of my skin.


From as low as $1, I get great performing masks. Who says you have to pay exorbitant amounts for great skin?<br/?