Review: Elimina Facekiss Beta-bio Gel Mask ★★★★★

Elimina Facekiss Beta-bio Gel Mask

Unlike traditional hydrogel masks, this gel mask combines essence and gel, so the essence is in the gel. Which was why the hydrogel pieces were only lightly coated in essence when I pulled them out of the packet. So technology. Much wow. This mask claims to nourish and moisturize with ingredients such as beta-glucan (1st […]

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Review: Soyedodam Organic Ginseng Hydrogel Sheet Mask ★★★★★

Soyedodam Organic Ginseng Hydrogel Sheet Mask

Soyedodam is a very uncommon brand, I’ve never seen it in any websites. Apparently, its parent company is Korea Ginseng, a long-time purveyor of the highest quality red ginseng. This 2-piece hydrogel mask, drenched in a full bottle of organic serum, claims to improve fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and hydrate with 6-yr-old Korean red ginseng (antioxidate), […]

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Review: Lululun ONE Mask ★★★★★

Lululun ONE Mask

This mask is different from Lululun’s usual million-sheets-in-a-box masks. This is their premium (and therefore pricier) special care ONE masks that come individually packed in a classy-looking box of 5. It contains squalane (4th) and jojoba seed oil (6th). It also contains Brightenyl (a stabilized gallic acid) for healing the skin, and apple and grape […]

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Review: Ultra I’m Sorry For My Skin Green Mud Mask – Soothing ★★★★★

Ultra I'm Sorry For My Skin Green Mud Mask - Soothing

Grrrrreeeetings earthlings! This is a mud sheet mask, I’m super intrigued and excited to try it! This mess-free mud mask claims to exfoliate, mattify, and soothe skin with natural clay (kaolin) and volcanic ash. Plus, AMF (Artificial Moisturizing Factor) mimics natural moisturizing agents and slows down moisture evaporation, keeping skin hydrated for 120 hours! It’s free from sulfates, […]

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Review: C. Solution Cyrus Vita C Mask ★★★★★

C. Solution Cyrus Vita C Mask

This mask claims to brighten and dewrinkle with seabuckthorn fruit extract, niacinamide, stabilized vitamin c/ascorbic acid, citric acid, and ferulic acid. The pure ascorbic acid is supplied directly by DSM, the only western vitamin C manufacturer that offer the world’s premium range of pure Vitamin C forms. Just looking at these ingredients made my sensitive […]

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Review: Frienvita RE-NEW Filtering Mask Caviar Vita B ★★★★★

Frienvita RE-NEW Filtering Mask Caviar Vita B

This mask contains Vitamin B, propolis, adenosine, and 1,000ppm of volcanic ash. Vitamin B and caviar protein nutrition promotes skin regeneration, while the ventilated fiber cloth filters out impurities by absorbing any remaining oil or dust particles left on the skin even after cleansing. $14.99 for a 12-piece variety pack on Amazon $3.50 a piece on Facetory […]

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Review: Skinfood Marine Food Gel Mask Jellyfish ★★★★★

Skinfood Marine Food Gel Mask Jellyfish

This hydrogel mask contains jellyfish extract and collagen that help aid dry, dehydrated skin. Jellyfish extracts help aid the quick absorption of collagen and are made up of 94-98% water and gelatin. This mask sheet delivers nutrients and minerals from the ocean to nourish skin and provides deep, long-lasting hydration. I can’t get over the comic sans […]

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Review: Blossom Jeju Brightening Vitamin Essence Petal Mask ★★★★★

Jeju Blossom Brightening Vitamin Essence Petal Mask

This is a 2-step system that contains 100% Camellia oil in the first step and a cupra sheet mask in the second step. This system claims to nourish, brighten and anti-oxidize skin. I was skeptical about layering on an oil before sheet masking because oil has always been the last step of my routine to […]

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