Prepping and Sealing

There are a number of things I typically do before and after masking for best results.

Before I begin, I:

  • wash my hands so I’m not contaminating my skin with bacteria and dust
  • cleanse my face to get rid of any dirt and oils
  • exfoliate to ensure the effective delivery of essence into my pores and moisturizes real, healthy skin. This is a very important step for smoothing out skin texture and boost skin regeneration. I do a deep physical exfoliation once a week and gentle/chemical exfoliation once a week
  • gently pat toner onto my skin to “soften” it for better absorption. Imagine adding water to a dry and cracked sponge, it will not absorb as quickly and as effectively as a damp sponge. Yeah, that’s the reasoning behind toning before masking
  • always cut extra slits when I put it on. I start with aligning the eye holes and mouth holes, then cut the nose slits further up so it fits perfectly. Then I’ll cut the sides, near my temple and lastly, add a slit to the middle on my chin area.
  • smooth out all air bubbles
  • grab tea and relax with a book or watch a youtube video

After masking, I:

  • GENTLY peel the mask off, do not rip it off your skin!
  • pat and massage the essence upwards, from chin to temple. Followed by circular motions in the other parts of the face
  • apply eye cream
  • apply a light moisturizer if my skin is feeling dry. Leave it as it is if it’s feeling oilier and more blemished than usual. This is to seal in the moisture and benefits of the masks.

You made it! Let’s take a moment to admire our handiwork!

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